Freedom Pilot Car Services Agreement

You have been selected to become an escort vendor for Freedom Pilot Car Services LLC. At Freedom Pilot Car Services LLC we are highly selective of the companies that escort our customers loads. We have compiled a list of items and documents that we feel are important to us and our customers to establish a professional, long lasting business relationship. Below you will find a list of the requested documents that will need to be submitted to us. **Please note that as your company expands and more vehicles/drivers are added, you will need to submit this information to us for each new addition.

  1. Current Insurance Certificate naming Freedom Pilot Car Services, LLC
  2. Photocopy of valid driver’s license
  3. Photocopy of valid state certification in which you can legally operate
  4. Photocopy of valid TWIC card if applicable
  5. Photocopy of valid Passport if applicable
  6. Copy of current W-9 form
  7. Picture of all vehicles

Freedom Pilot Car Services, LLC

Vendor Contractor Agreement

In order to be placed on our Subcontractor Database as a Freedom Pilot Car Services independent contractor, you , as well as anyone who works for you or your company must agree to the following:

  1. Maintain a valid driver’s license, vehicle insurance, escort certification(s)at all times, notifying Freedom Pilot Car Services LLC if any of these are cancelled, revoked or suspended. Keep your file up to date be sending in copies of your renewal.
  2. Arrive at pickup point at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled depart time.
  3. Ensure all required equipment (including vehicle, lighting, signs, flags, height poles, etc) is clean and in proper working condition.
  4. Conduct yourself in a professional, courteous manner and protect the Freedom Pilot Car Services business interest at all times.
  5. Complete an invoice after each loaded run, and email to
  6. DO NOT consume alcohol or drugs (including prescription medication) that may impair your judgment or ability to operate a motor vehicle before or during the escort operation.
  7. Limit the use of mobile devices, laptop operations and other portable entertainment device while escorting (unless its use is directly related to the escort operation)
  8. Maintain contact with Freedom Pilot Car Services LLC from dispatch to completion to report accidents, problems, delays or special circumstances. Without contacting the office, additional charges will not be approved.
  9. NON Compete: DO NOT solicit Freedom Pilot Car Services LLC customers or their drivers and please inform Freedom Pilot Car Services LLC if you, the vendor, are approached by either for a 12 month period after the movement of the last oversize load. If you, the vendor, are working with Henderson Heavy Haul, Barco, Meadow Lark, H&S Trucking, GSS, Steve Sharp. and or any current company that you, the vendor have received loads from/through Freedom Pilot Car Services LLC. You, the vendor will not be authorized to direct bill these companies for direct company drivers or sub contracted leased on operators. If you, the vendor work for companies listed above you, the vendor will not be authorized to exit Freedom Pilot Car Services LLC for another driver, and shall not be allowed to direct bill. If you choose to violate this contract legal action will be taken and You, the vendor will be esponsible for all attorney fees and court cost.
  10. DO NOT ACCEPT ANY FORM OF PAYMENT FROM DRIVERS! Contact Freedom Pilot Car Services LLC if this situation occurs.
  11. Hold blameless, harmless and indemnify Freedom Pilot Car Services LLC it’s officers, customers, agents, employees, affiliates, successors, and assigns any and all claims, demands, loss, injury, damage, actions and cost of actions whatsoever, which may be sustained while performing pilot/escort duties.


By agreeing, you will abide by all the terms listed above. Any breach of this Agreement forfeits all due pay from Freedom Pilot Car Services LLC and terminates said contract. 

**NO EXCEPTIONS* Legal actions will be taken on both parties, the vendor and Freedom Pilot Car Services LLC customer & driver.

Pilot/Escort Vehicle Service Agreement

By this agreement, ________________________________________________ (“Escort Vendor”) agrees to provide Pilot/Escort Services, as an independent contractor to Freedom Pilot Car Services, LLC. Pilot/Escort services under this Agreement shall include, but are not limited to, surveying and selection of prospective travel routes, escorting and ensuring safe passage to Freedom Pilot Car Services LLC vehicles engaged in intrastate or interstate transportation of goods, materials or equipment, and any related services agreed to by the parties hereto as forming part of this agreement.

  1. Nature of Relationship Escort Vendor acknowledges that it is an Independent Contractor of Freedom Pilot Car Services, LLC under this Agreement and that no employer-employee relationship exists or shall exist during the terms of this Agreement.
  2. Driver QUALIFICATIONS Freedom Pilot Car Services LLC requires all Pilot/Escort vehicle drivers to possess and carry at all times while performing Pilot/Escort services under this agreement, a valid state Pilot/Escort Vehicle certification card. Escort vendor acknowledges that it is responsible for compliance with all state requirements for escorting loads and providing all vehicular and personal equipment required by law to safely perform its duties under this Agreement. Although such requirements vary by state, required equipment may include the following: flags, marking on the escort car, stop/slow paddles, safety vests, CB radios, height poles, GPS, flashing lights and the like. Escort Vendor shall have the sole responsibility to confirm its compliance with state laws and/or regulations regarding required equipment for Pilot/Escort vehicles and shall bear all liability for its failure to comply with such requirements. Escort Vendor further acknowledges that it is required to maintain the vehicles used to perform Pilot/Escort Services under this Agreement in conformity with all applicable U.S. Department of Transportation requirements. Escort Vendor agrees that it will not hire or otherwise employ or contract any person to perform or assist in performing Pilot/Escort Services unless such person(S) meet all requirements for qualification as a Pilot/Escort Vehicle Driver under this Agreement.
  3. Insurance Escort Vendor agrees to carry and provide proof of Commercial Automobile Liability Insurance coverage and Professional Liability Insurance coverage with a minimum policy limit of ONE MILLION DOLLARS ($1,000,000) for both coverage types and a minimum aggregate limit of TWO MILLION DOLLARS (2,000,000).
  4. Indemnification Escort Vendor agrees to forever indemnify, defend and hold harmless Freedom Pilot Car Services, LLC for all claims, losses, causes of action or expenses related to any property damage or personal injury, including but not limited to illness, death, dismemberment or intentional conduct arising out of the performance of Pilot/Escort Services under this Agreement.
  5. Accidents/Incidents Escort Vendor agrees that, in the event of a vehicular accident involving Freedom Pilot Car Services LLC customers truck or load, Escort Vendor will immediately communicate with and provide assistance to the customers driver, secure the area around the accident or incident, and contact the appropriate emergency response and/or law enforcement agencies. Following the incident, Escort Vendor will be required to submit a written statement to Freedom Pilot Car Services LLC as soon as possible with supporting documentation from photos or dash cam. Loads WILL NOT BE DOUBLE BROKERS to another pilot car service. If Freedom Pilot Car Services LLC becomes aware of any service whom we have hired, brokering one of our loads, we reserve the right to
    refuse payment to your company
  6. If you leave the load for any reason, you will not be paid for any portion of their run
  7. Escort company will be charged the amount of the permit or a $300 charge per day, whichever is great, IF escort has to leave due to an emergency or vehicle breaks down and it affects our customer’s loading date, delivery date, or they have to order new permits that will expire due to escort leaving load or holding up truck (Without contacting Freedom Pilot Car Services LLC).
  8. All invoices will have 10% taken out prior to payment. Unless discussed prior to job.
  9. Failure to submit your paperwork to Freedom Pilot Car Services via email within 24 hours may/will result in delay of payment to your company.


The terms of this Agreement shall continue in full force and effect for a term of one year from the date signed and from year to year thereafter, this Agreement shall not terminate prior to date

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