About Freedom Pilot Car Services

Thank you for your interest in Freedom Pilot Car Services. We would like to inform you of what sets us apart from the rest. At Freedom Pilot Cars not only are we Veteran owned and Operated, but we also have mainly Veteran Pilots. Our journey officially began as Freedom in 2018;however, our Team has a combined experience of 30 years, not only with Piloting but also with Heavy Haul, Route Surveys, Dispatching and Permitting. While in our various fields we saw the need for Pilots and permitting agents that truly understood the importance of doing things correctly, safely and efficiently. We strongly believe there is a difference in just doing a job and then doing it right. At Freedom we take pride in every load we run, we care about your Drivers, the load and our Pilots. We strive to maintain a strong work ethic, driving knowledge, and making sure the job gets done correctly. Our Pilots are prompt, honest, professional, respectful and have excellent communication skills. We go above and beyond to ensure that the load arrives safely and efficiently. Our Pilots fully understand Oversized, Super and Mega Loads and what it takes to get them moved. We truly believe and work by the mindset of teamwork. We are also able to cover numerous loads through Freedom directly and through our brokerage side. We vet all of our Pilots to ensure all of their documentation is up to date and that they have the experience to run loads to our standards. We have a zero tolerance for drug use.  Our website allows you to easily order Pilots and/or permits, or you are welcome to call and we will be glad to help. If you would like to join our Freedom team, our website also allows you to sign up with Freedom’s brokerage side. Our team is equipped with hard mounted CB Radios, VHF and handheld radios, navigation systems such as inroute, dash cameras, IPAD’s, TWIC certifications, amber light certifications, UT/NM/FL certifications, professionally mounted signs and lights, well maintained vehicles, and a smile.  We are growing more every day and continue to further our knowledge and training. We look forward to being able to show you the Freedom way!

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