At Freedom Pilot Cars, we understand you need a pilot car driver who knows the route and who you can trust. The pilot driver must understand what it’s like to pull a heavy load and anticipate what’s ahead. Your pilot car driver should guide the trucker on the route and prevent problems from happening and do it in a safe and timely manner.

Freedom Pilot Car Services provides services in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming. We can supply pilots in additional stated upon request. We are also a Veteran owned and operated company. We remove the uncertainty and give you a pilot driver you can trust. We take pride and put care into every load we pilot. Freedom Pilot Cars are well equipped, and our drivers have excellent training and experience.

We have successfully assisted in the movement of over 2000 Super loads from the wind, oil, mining and railroad fields with zero incident, all around the United States in a safe and efficient manner with excellent teamwork and a protect the load mindset.

We would be honored to help make sure all your Oversize loads, Super loads or mega loads arrive at their destination safely, efficiently and without incident. We have multiple pilot cars and are able to cover several loads at a time.

At Freedom Pilot Car services, we offer competitive rates that are based on the complexity of the load. We do not negotiate with the independent pilot cars that work with us. Therefore, these rates are NON-NEGOTIABLE unless discussed and approved prior to load being scheduled. Remember, you get what you pay for. All our pilots that we dispatch (brokered or direct Freedom Pilots) are vetted and are in compliance with our standard policies. We provide lead, chase, steer, high pole, and route surveys. We are veteran owned and operated.

Pilot Car Rates

  • Lead/Chase: $1.70-$1.75 per/mile depending on length of load
  • Steer: $1.75-$1.80 per/mile depending on length of load
  • High Pole: $1.95 per/mile
  • Route Surveys: $1.65 per/actual mile. Or $650 for less than 250
  • Mini-(less than 230 mi.): $450.00 per/day + motel (for long runs not an actual rate for the day for a project)
  • Day Rate (under 300 miles per/day and or majority of day):
    • $650.00 + motel Chase, Lead, Steer
    • $750.00 + motel High Pole
  • “No-Go” — Chase, Lead, Steer: $150.00 per day + motel
  • Slow/Superload (Lead or Chase): $750.00 per/day minimum + motel
  • Slow/Superload (High Pole): $800.00 per/day minimum + motel
  • Deadhead: $.45 per/mile – will be discussed per ticket
    • (no charge if load miles exceed deadhead miles)
  • Motel: $100.00 per/night
    • **Extra charge for motels on load that deliver after 2pm
  • Actual hotel charge in areas that exceed $130.00
  • Weekly rates are available upon discussion
  • 10% Brokerage Fee
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